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  • VESSEL TYPE: Expedition Cruise Vessels
  • Vessel name: 92 m Passenger vessel for Galapagos
Scope of work
  • Concept Design including:
  • Hull lines
  • Exterior / Interior design
  • Public space with lounge and observation lounge in the front part with double high ceiling for a spectacular view over the sea during sailing.
  • Integration of environment friendly technology and green operational philosophy
Project specification

Download specification
Principal Dimensions
  • Lenght over all 92.00 m
  • Length between perpendiculars 86.66 m
  • Breadth moulded 17.00 m
  • Depth to bulkhead deck 6.6 m
  • Design draught 4.80 m
  • Service speed 12.00 kn
  • Max speed 14.00 kn
  • Passenger cabins 25

The vessel is designed as a luxury explorer expedition cruise vessel for worldwide operation including Arctic and Antarctic regions. The vessel is designed for unrestricted ocean voyages and strengthened for Ice Class 1A service.

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