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  • VESSEL TYPE: Arctic Vessel, Special Purpose Vessel
  • VESSEL Name: DTU AquA
Scope of work
  • Extended Concept Design
Project specification

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The research vessel is designed with the operational efficiency of the modern trawler combined with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary science operations capability including operations in Polar Waters. The vessel is designed to operate worldwide, year-round in the Baltic and North Sea; amd summer and early autumn in Greenland to approx. 80o Northern Latitude. Main Research Operations: Fish Stock Monitoring, Hydro-Acoustic Surveys, Biological-, Chemical- and Physical- Oceanography. Additionally, Ice Edge Research, Geological Research, Seismic Surveys, Micro Biology, Bathymetric Surveys, Meteorology Observation of Sea Birds and Mammals, Flex-deck for handling of ROV’s, AUV’s, buoys, anchors etc.


Length overall, approx. 65.00 m
Beam 15.60 m
Draught (design) 5.20 m
Depth to main deck 5.70 m
Crew/Scientists 34 pers
Service speed 12.00 kn



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