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The offshore wind sector has grown dramatically in recent years in terms of the number and size of turbines installations.  The engineering challenges for construction vessels have likewise increased greatly in scale and scope, requiring the application of specialist knowledge right across the project process from planning, design and engineering, through to installation and commissioning.

KNUD E. HANSEN has the experience to be a valuable partner regarding installation, heavy lift and support vessels for every stage of an offshore wind project.  The success of any offshore wind-related vessel requires in-depth knowledge of the demanding environmental conditions that it will encounter, and a detailed understanding of the various construction stages that it must be executed.


  • Tender Assistance
  • Chartering Assistance
  • Operational Engineering Support
  • Transport Engineering
  • Installation
  • Demobilisation
Tender Assistance

KNUD E. HANSEN supports the initial project development process by developing concepts, ideas and preparing operational plans, ensuring that these are consistent with the overall direction.

We can calculate the specifications and costings, produce an analysis of the required vessel stability, and undertake the design and engineering for any custom equipment that may be needed. We also begin the preparation of the documentation relevant to logistical, transportation and installation issues.

Chartering Assistance

Selecting the right vessel to undertake the delivery and installation of the wind turbines is crucial for the successful completion of a project. KNUD E. HANSEN can assist you in making the right choice.

The selection of the right vessels begins with the analysis of a range of such parameters including deck layout, vessel stability, structural integrity, lifting capability, jacking capability and dynamic behaviour.  We then establish a series of selection criteria, alongside other considerations such as a vessel’s turn-around times, loading capacity and day rate to find the most cost-effective vessels for your project.

Operational Engineering Support

The preparation of design, engineering and procurement plans is a vital aspect of every offshore wind project.  Once the initial concepts have been finalised and the project awarded, we move on to the next stage of producing specifications and engineering plans.  As a project moves into production we provide on-site supervision and inspect finalised components.

In parallel with those activities we liaise with the Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS), Classification Societies and Flag States to ensure that all documentation is verified and in line with the necessary regulations and codes.  We can also arrange the training of personnel on the correct procedures for operating and maintaining vessel equipment safely and properly.

Our services include:

  • Design & engineering
  • Specialist analyses
  • Risk assessment & mitigation
  • Operational preparation & training
  • Documentation, procedures & processes
  • Approvals
Transport Engineering

Precise transport schedules and load-out plans are essential for efficient and rapid installation.  We prepare in advance all the documentation and calculations needed by the MWS, authorities and client representatives so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

An efficient installation starts onshore where the staging area has to be precisely orchestrated for the load-out of the components to the installation or shuttle vessels.  The lifting and handling of large assemblies require specialised knowledge of their structural characteristics and dynamic behaviour.  KNUD E. HANSEN can determine the necessary set-up procedures for safe handling operations.

Prior to load out we analyse a vessel with respect to its stability, behaviour, deck load capacity and operational performance. If required, we can then undertake any design and engineering required to transform it into an efficient installation asset.

Our services include:

  • In-port handling
  • Quayside & laydown arrangements
  • Sea fastenings
  • Analysis of vessel behaviour
  • On-site supervision

We provide on-site attendance and supervision to ensure that efficient use of resources within good weather windows are used effectively.  If unsafe or incorrect installation procedures are observed we will make recommendations for improvements in close collaboration with the MWS and take steps to reconfigure the installation process accordingly.

We understand that the installation process for each wind turbine will have its own, unique characteristics. KNUD E. HANSEN designs and engineers customised equipment that makes the lifting and installation of wind turbines safer, faster and more predictable. We also provide training together with manuals and documentation that detail the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.

Our services include:

  • Supervision of on-site operations
  • Operational streamlining
  • Documentation of installation
  • Reconfiguration and revision of installation methods

As the installation process draws to a close and assets and equipment are released from operation, these will often need to be reconfigured for future activities.  Proper planning for this eventuality, undertaken at the start of a project, can deliver significant cost savings at the end.

We assist with documenting modifications, utilisation history, and operational profile of equipment and vessels for future reference by subsequent operators or charterers.  Vessels that have been retrofitted with special equipment can then be taken back to their original configurations, ready for new assignments.

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