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Creating the vessels your business needs

Our seas and oceans can be dangerous places. As a result of this, the maritime industry tends to be a conservative one, placing its trust in proven solutions. However, this does not prevent the industry from being innovative; on the contrary, the continual technological advancements in the technologies that underpin the sector, ensure that the maritime world is a thriving, dynamic theatre of perpetual evolution.

At KNUD E. HANSEN, we play our part in driving innovation by taking a fresh approach to all designs, starting with a blank piece of paper on every occasion, considering all possible new and pre-existing solutions.

Our design teams give equal consideration to both innovative and traditional technologies, assessing their merits in respect to each individual project’s requirements and aiming, at all times, to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Our flexible approach to each project undertaking is combined with a philosophy of continual organizational development, including training for new skills. The results of this approach include the loyalty and dedication of our employees, long-term relationships with our clients and the development of the next generation of vessels for the maritime industry.

Discovering The Future

Our willingness to explore the future and push the boundaries of naval architecture has placed KNUD E. HANSEN ahead of its time and at the forefront of the maritime world of today and tomorrow.

Improving Efficiency Through Innovation

Exploring New Markets

KNUD E. HANSEN is often at the forefront when it comes to identifying new markets and designing new classes of vessels to meet the needs of operators. For example, we were among the first to see the need for dedicated vessels

for the installation of offshore wind turbines, and in 2001 we designed the “Resolution”, one of the first of its kind. In recent years, we have taken the concept even further and developed the world’s largest vessel of this kind, delivered in the summer of 2012, the PACIFIC ORCA .

The offshore wind sector has grown dramatically in recent years in terms of the number and size of turbines installations. The engineering challenges for construction vessels have likewise increased greatly in scale and scope, requiring the application of specialist knowledge right across the project process from planning, design and engineering, through to installation and commissioning.

KNUD E. HANSEN has the experience to be a valuable partner regarding installation, heavy lift and support vessels for every stage of an offshore wind project. The success of any offshore wind-related vessel requires in-depth knowledge of the demanding environmental conditions that it will encounter, and a detailed understanding of the various construction stages that it must be executed.

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Novel Concepts

KNUD E. HANSEN looks forward to the challenges that our clients bring to us, however unusual they may be. Our combination of naval architecture and marine engineering skills gives us the capability to devise practical and efficient solutions.



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