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A collaboration platform

Experience the design “on site” in an immersive and interactive environment

Have you ever wanted to be able to walk through your design, see a concept first-hand? ShipSpace does exactly that!
It allows you to export 3D CAD models into the virtual world, viewed from a first-person perspective and incorporated into your design process. ShipSpace  removes the technical challenges related to technology and communication and physically allows you to see designs in virtual reality.

ShipSpace is a proven tool for designers, engineers and customers to share ideas, discuss issues and showcase products, thereby improving communication and collaboration from early concepts to final designs.

ShipSpace is a ground-breaking collaboration platform that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to help you design and build superior vessels on time and on budget. ShipSpace brings your 3D model to life as a fully immersive simulated environment that allows full user-controlled navigation which is easy to use with amazing clarity and precision, regardless of size or complexity.


ShipSpace allows you a freedom like no other with some of the tools like x-ray, measurement and paintbrush options that allow you to see through walls, mark up changes and measure clearances. The platform includes a camera that can take photos of desired changes and send to your clients and customers like any real-world site inspection.

ShipSpace allows users based in different locations all over the world, to meet in virtually and discuss issues productively. ShipSpace enables users to experience the design in an immersive and interactive environment, making collaboration easier, improving a whole team´s understanding of limitations and objectives. This collaboration tool enables natural communication across the entire project, and as a result, design mistakes and costly rework can be avoided. It is a true innovation to strengthen the maritime industry.

Key benefits

  • Improves collaboration and communication
  • Agreement in design, avoiding costly rework
  • Reduces the need for travel
  • Teams can address issues from anywhere in the world virtually
  • Borderless & interactive
  • From early concept to final design, avoiding costly rework. Every dollar saved in the design phase is ten dollars saved in construction.

Watch video demonstration below on this page.


Use these tools as you would onsite, taking photos, measurements, mark ups and more.
  • Measurement tool
  • Paintbrush
  • Mannequin
  • Camera
  • Layers
  • X-ray
  • Transporter tool
Measurement tool

Inspect dimensions as you would onsite with this virtual tape measurement tool


Mark up your model with notes and corrections


Check space requirements and accessibility with a moveable manniquin


Take snapshots of markups, design errors or corrections with the camera tool


Turn the layers on and off within the ship to visualize structure, HVAC,
electrical and machinery


See through walls with the X-ray tool to better understand the layout

Transporter tool

Jump to designated locations throughout the ship with ease


From early concept to final design, avoiding costly rework
  • Cross continent platform
  • Extracting data
  • Videoconferencing
Cross continent platform

ShipSpace provides a digital communication platform on a cross  continent scale, providing the ability of meeting ‘on-site’ on a vessel that has not yet been built. ShipSpace is designed to improve the process of  vessel design, construction and sales to name a few.

ShipSpace is a proven tool within the marine industry to showcase ideas, resolve issues, develop design and improve communication between  stakeholders.
ShipSpace is also very suitable in relation to staff training like “Know your ship”.

Extracting data

ShipSpace also provides the options of having a Metadata tool.
This tool allows you to upload material and product information which can be assigned to objects within the space for the user to explore in detail.


This additional feature gives you the ability to share your ShipSpace  experience through a live video stream directly from the virtual reality headset. This enables people that do not have access to ShipSpace  hardware to view concepts and designs.

Companies can therefore showcase their product in ShipSpace and  broadcast it to their customers through any videoconferencing platform, paving the way for a digital future.

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