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Virtual Reality (VR) Ship Design Tool

Improve your performance with Immersive VR Ship Design Tool

ShipSpace is a groundbreaking Virtual Reality (VR) design system that allows engineers, designers and owners to walk on board their new vessels from preliminary design stages all the way through construction. The unique ShipSpace rendering engine brings your 3D concepts or CAD models to life with startling clarity and solidity, regardless of size or complexity and allows you to explore your creations in new ways. Avoid costly mistakes and try innovative solutions by proving ideas in ShipSpace, or just hold a meeting to consider details with everyone right there and able to see what they are talking about. Integrating seamlessly with your existing CAD workflow means that you don’t have to slow down in order to test out an idea. ShipSpace converts your models automatically so there’s no effort required to get your creation into VR and your latest changes can always be viewed.

Right from the concept phase, you can walk around all areas of your new design and gain a better understanding of the spaces, with a true sense of depth and scale. This is a unique and expedient way of validating a design concept while minimizing risk and potential rework.

ShipSpace has proven to be an excellent tool for communicating and developing designs and ideas between designers, engineers, customers and other stakeholders, by enabling them to experience the design in an immersive and interactive virtual reality environment.

Take a tour of the future

Combining years of maritime experience with the technology of tomorrow

During the detailed engineering phase, engineers use ShipSpace to better understand the structure and spaces of a new vessel. This is useful not just for optimising human and technical spaces but also when it comes to routing pipes, cables and placing equipment. Since ShipSpace is directly visualising the actual CAD/PLM models themselves, all spaces are perfectly accurate at all times. Deeper integration with the PLM system will enable material and equipment specifications etc. to be accessed from within the virtual environment.

ShipSpace enables the engineering and production modelling teams, who are usually located in different parts of the world, to meet inside the virtual ship to solve production issues that always result during the detail design phase. Not only will travel be reduced, but teams will be encouraged to discuss problems more regularly and solve problems earlier because ShipSpace will make visualising and communicating design issues so much easier.

Holding design meetings in ShipSpace means that all relevant members of the team can fully understand the idea being discussed and they can communicate naturally with each other. Standard behaviours like pointing and gesturing are communicated perfectly, no matter where the team is located or what languages are shared. The combination of body language and speech together can dramatically improve understanding, leading to better design choices and better ships.


ShipSpace imports artistic concept models from your existing 3D modelling tools and is revolutionising the sales experience for the customer. Enable owners to walk aboard their new vessel years before delivery and to fully appreciate the design of their new vessel.

Allow designers and customers to walk through the ship design at any stage of development and see the recent changes, plus be able to hold meetings to discuss ideas right there in the ship. Being able to see the concept design full-scale in an immersive VR environment improves everyones understanding of the design and ability to talk effectively about it. Better communication leads directly to happier customers and quicker sales.

Our automatic model processing and seamless dynamic optimisation means that 3D artists don’t need to consider any limitations of VR when creating the models, they can work just as fast and fluidly as always. Productivity is further improved because existing models that might also be used in other media can be re-used for VR.

ShipSpace has unrivalled capability to communicate your 3D designs in immersive VR without additional labour-intensive optimisation and loss of detail, which is normally required to work with other VR systems. Our advanced systems take away all of the technical challenges and allow you to benefit from the sales potential of Virtual Reality in your business.



Why choose ShipSpace?

Innovating tomorrow’s maritime world
  • Compatibility
  • Flexibility
  • Movement
  • Hardware, Training & Support


ShipSpace is specifically designed to work with existing 3D models. Even models with hundreds of millions or billions of polygons can be smoothly displayed in real time. Advanced optimisation techniques allow ShipSpace to work with highly detailed models while maintaining visual details and the very high frame rates necessary to ensure that users do not experience motion-sickness.

We prefer input files in the industry-standard FBX file format; any 3D software that can export to FBX (which is almost all 3D modelling software) is immediately compatible. Other input systems are possible; please let us know your requirements.


Using ShipSpace and your preferred 3D modelling software, areas and spaces can be quickly modelled to confirm basic spatial arrangements or detailed further with colours, textures and lighting for unprecedented accuracy and realism.


The locomotion system combines a teleport control and laser tracking. Teleport enables quick movement about large spaces, while the laser tracking allows natural walking and movement within a 4x4m tracked space. Combined, these options provide a very effective method of movement, allowing visitors to examine large vessels (buildings) quickly but also at a very personal scale, leaning over, squatting down, etc. The tracking system is accurate to within millimetres and faithfully processes subtle motions such as head and hand rotation and tilting, allowing an unprecedented immersive experience.

Hardware, Training & Support

All hardware and software for the ShipSpace system will be (is) provided and supported. This ensures that the system (will) always provide optimum performance and reliability, with cutting-edge (the most up-to-date) VR technology. During installation, on-site training will be provided and additional training is available on request. Ongoing technical support will work with you to ensure that everything works smoothly.

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