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Independent design and consultancy for the maritime world

The scope of design & engineering services for new vessels is divided into the following stages: concept design, tender/contract design and basic design. Each of the subsequent design stages involves a greater level of detail while taking into consideration the requirements of the client and regulatory bodies.

Additionally, prior to the signing of a vessel construction or refit contract, we offer independent advice covering contract negotiations, review of design specifications, planning and cost evaluation.

Design Phases

KNUD E. HANSEN provides design solutions for all types of marine vessels and offshore structures.
  • Concept
  • Tender/Contract Design
  • Basic Design
  • Other support services

We start each new project with the Concept Design phase. Here, we unleash our passion for innovation and creativity to explore all possible design options while keeping the client’s operational requirements and budget firmly in mind. Using our vast experience and portfolio of reference designs, we narrow down a range of ideas and the vessel starts coming to life. While each design is highly customizable to the client’s needs, a concept design typically involves the following deliverables:

  • Vessel Description
  • General Arrangement & Outboard Profile
  • Preliminary Lines Plan
  • Initial Weight Estimate
  • Empirical Speed & Power Prediction
Tender/Contract Design

After the Concept Design, we proceed to the tender/contract design phase. At this stage, we further develop the concept design to a level that enables shipyards to calculate a price of building your new vessel. A few of the client deliverables during this phase include:

  • Updated General Arrangement & Outboard Profile
  • Weight & Centre of Gravity Calculation
  • Speed & Power Calculation
  • Refined Lines Plan
  • Preliminary Loading Conditions & Stability Calculations
  • Tank & Capacities Plan
  • Contract Specification
  • Equipment Number, Freeboard & Tonnage Calculations
  • Midship Section, Typical Fore & Aft Sections
  • Engine Room Arrangement
  • Electrical Load Balance & Principle Single Line Diagram

During crucial commercial negotiations with shipyards we are able to support you with expert advice including:

  • Planning & Cost Evaluations
  • Purchasing & Procurement Support
  • Shipyard Assessments
  • Supplier Evaluation, Negotiations & Selection
  • Review of Third Party Designs, Specifications & Contracts
Basic Design

During this phase, the design is optimized based on the client’s needs and the requirements of the classification society and flag state. Calculations and drawings are fully developed into a design package for class approval. Close coordination with the shipyard is an integral part of this design stage to ensure the client’s objectives will be realized. While the deliverables for this design phase are highly customizable, they typically include the following:

  • Technical Documentation & Plan Approvals
    – General Design
    – Hull Structure
    – Outfitting & Equipment
    – Accommodation
    – HVAC & Piping Systems
    – Propulsion & Machinery
    – Electric & Automation
  • Build Specification
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Sea Trials & Delivery
  • Site Supervision & Inspection/Technical Support
Other support services

During the construction and commissioning phase, we can provide the following services to ensure a successful execution of the design:

  • Plan approvals
  • Project and contract management
  • Sea trials and delivery
  • Site supervision and inspection as Owner’s representative
  • Site supervision and technical support on behalf of the shipyard

Why choose us?

Maritime solutions tailored to you
  • Customised solutions
  • At the cutting-edge of ship design
  • Through lifecycle support
  • A team of experts
  • Innovative solutions
  • A global reach

Customised solutions

Our solutions are tailored exactly to your needs. Our unique approach is based on the free exchange of ideas with our clients, a drive for continual innovation and years of experience encompassing every kind of vessel. Combining these elements, we apply fresh thinking to each new project, tailoring solutions that are both state-of-the-art, practical and that meet the individual needs of our clients exactly.

At the cutting-edge of ship design

We employ the best software and techniques for the development of our designs. Speed and power predictions based on our extensive database, CFD modelling, FEM structural design, dynamic simulation and intact and probabilistic damage stability calculations. We maintain relationships with the world’s leading research institutions in order to facilitate in-depth research and model testing.

We have developed ShipSpace™ our world leading Virtual Reality (VR) technology. ShipSpace™ enables you to step aboard your new vessel right from the Concept Design so you can truly understand how your ideas and our design meets your wishes and expectations. Furthermore ShipSpace™ can then used to assist in tendering and the Basic Design phase to assist in Class Approvals. Shipyards employ ShipSpace™ to assist in detail design, production planning and coordination of their workforce. Communication and understanding of design issues is revolutionised with ShipSpace™.

Through lifecycle support

Our support does not end with the signing of a contract. During a new-build project we are able to help project manage or supervise the entire programme, on behalf or support of owner. Subsequent to delivery, we are on-hand to review the technical, operational and commercial performance of the vessel.

While your vessel is in service, we can identify issues or opportunities with which can help you reduce costs or improve your operations. Also, newly implemented regulations such as emission limits and stability margins often require significant engineering and vessel modifications.

The design and engineering of refit & conversion projects is also a core activity at KNUD E. HANSEN, so we are able to upgrade your existing vessels to meet new requirements or convert an existing vessel to suit your application.

With our comprehensive ship knowledge and extensive experience, you can be sure we can provide you with advice that is second to none and find the optimum solution for your vessel.

A team of experts

At KNUD E. HANSEN we have sought out the most experienced and qualified maritime designers and engineers from around the globe. The result is an international team accustomed to crossing cultural and linguistic divides as well as bridging the diverse sectors found within the maritime world.

Our capabilities and experience enable us to work with our clients every step of the way, from the earliest stages of concept design, through the tender/contract design and optimised basic design to project management, delivery and beyond. Our combined expertise in design and engineering allows us to deliver energy efficiency solutions through the optimisation of every aspect of a newbuild and its systems.

Innovative solutions

Our research activities are conducted on behalf of a diverse client range across both private and public sectors. The fact that KNUD E. HANSEN has carried out projects in so many segments of the maritime sector, all over the world, gives our research scope the broadest possible reach.

The inventive naval architects, designers and marine engineers at KNUD E. HANSEN are ready to assist you with realising the next generation of vessels that your business will need to compete in the global marketplace.

A global reach

We are a truly global company. Not only is our team made up of people from all over the world, our clients are also distributed worldwide. Many companies like to boast of international credentials, but KNUD E. HANSEN can genuinely say it has fulfilled projects on every continent on Earth.

be sure we support you

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  • Concept
  • Tender & Contract Design
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Engineering
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