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LEGO model of ASRV Nuyina (Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel) was a great ‘icebreaker’ and photo subject for many guests – Donald McPherson of HydroComp with  KNUD E. HANSEN Australia GM Ken Goh.

The 1.28m long model was designed and built by LEGO artist Konajra with guidance from KNUD E. HANSEN.  It is an exact 1:125 scale model which contains more than 15,000 LEGO pieces and weighs over 10kg.  Astute LEGO fans will notice that the thruster tunnels and propellers are not standard LEGO parts and needed to be 3D printed.  Some of the working features of the model include pneumatically operated drop keels, USBL and CTD side crane, electric moonpool winch for research operations, interior lights, posable cranes, bi-folding cargo hatches, telescopic side loading crane and opening hangar door.  Like the real vessel, a comprehensive range of vehicles including S-92 and AS-350 helicopters, 40T landing craft, amphibious LARCs, Hagglund BV-206 snow vehicles, 8m RHIB fast personnel tenders and an 11m science tender are also on board the model.  The custom display table shows the vessel in two-meter-thick ice, which is typical of the conditions the real Nuyina will encounter in Antarctica.

ARSV Icebreaker Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel
  • Vessel type: Arctic
  • Vessel name: Nuyina
  • Project number: 13006
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