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Without much fanfare construction has started on the first of Grimaldi Group’s 12 GG5G Class hybrid freighters to be built by Jinling’s Yizheng shipyard, builders of the DFDS super freighters.

The ship class – of which three modified versions will sail for Finnlines – has an intake of 7,800 lanemetres on five decks. Grimaldi Group has gone the extra mile to reduce the ship’s footprints and fuel consumptions. The vessels will be fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers, 600m² of solar panels, large capacity batteries to supply the hotel load when in port as well as air lubrication technology whereby the ship will ride on a carpet of micro bubbles, hereby reducing the frictional resistance between the hull and the water.

The 64,000gt ships have a length of 238m and 34m beam. Grimaldi has offered the yard a bonus of USD 10,000 per day the ships are delivered early. More about Grimaldi’s plans with this new state-of-the-art ship class can be read in the April edition of ShippaxInfo.

© Shippax / Philippe Holthof

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