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Robust and extremely usable solution to ensure effective condition monitoring of rotating machine components on ships allowing quick and precise response before an error occurs.

We are developing new maintenance processes in operationally critical ship installations that will lower operating costs and reduce the risk of sudden mechanical failures of rotating machine components, initially focusing on different pumps but not only restricted to pumps.

The goal is to deliver improved tools which have been developed and tested through our loT platform solution, and therefore change the current routines for maintenance and troubleshooting on board a ship.

Expected Results

The solution will work locally on a ship and globally through a cloud solution. The system will solve several problems for ship owners including:

  • Planning through early detection and analyze of incidents e.g. failures, leaks, errors, and escalating wear on wear parts.
  • Fault, maintenance detection, and condition monitoring etc.
  • Capacity sensors which register and report in regard to capacity and utilization.


Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to use advanced algorithms, based on qualitative data, to uncover details in depth. This gives us an understanding of the whole picture unlike in the “old days” where statistical calculations, based quantitative data, were used to uncover wide and general pointers in an investigation.

  1.  The vibrations are measured with small sensors monitored on a pump and will send it to a loTHub through Bluetooth or a I2C- bus interface adapter.
  2. Data from each sensor are sent to a local loTHub and is adjusted in time so the localization of an unequal frequency pattern can be estimated
  3. The loTHub warns the control system through a databus by sending a binary alarm signal o by adjusting an IO-port logical to high.
  4. The collected data are converted to the I2C transmission protocol, and the data are collected so that data from several sensors can be synchronized.


Bionic Systems Solutions and KNUD E. HANSEN has developed this project together.

Bionic Systems is a development company with competencies in advanced signaling, sensor infrastructure and artificial intelligence.

KNUD E. HANSEN has solid competencies within ship design and vessel conversions through their involvement in numerous projects and their long history in the maritime industry.

Both companies will, through their knowledge and competences, focus on creating solutions to improve the prediction of forced maintenance benefiting the maritime industry.


Brian Bender Madsen, Head of Machinery and systems
Mobile: +45 2789 2677
E-mail: bbm@knudehansen.com

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