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KNUD E. HANSEN  is sponsor for Manolo, who has written this description:

~ 2 weeks ago we participated at the European Championship in Carnac

We started with a light windy day and a very tricky wind. Only one race was run and we place 15th 😥

The second day we start with a nice 1st place but unfortunately we were UFD (we left too early on the starting line) ❌

We end this day with 3 other races including one won!⚡️

On the third day, we enter in the top 5 💪

We finally attack the last day in third position! 🥉

After a first race of 3rd ✨,the wind started to be very shifty, this didn’t work in our favour and we lost the podium by 2 points… Therefore we finish 4th at this European championship.

Chocolate Medal 🍫

We showed great things. We are very happy with it 🤩

NEW PROJECT 🔜 Nacra 17With the Youth World Championship at Lake Como

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