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18 September 2012

Article from Shippingwatch by Louise Vogdrup-Schmidt

Even though things are looking good in regards to revenue and orders, shipping engineer company KNUD E. HANSEN finds that it has to bring new ideas to customers more now than in the past. Environmentally efficient installations, feeder ships, and offshore supply ships are among the latest additions.

KNUD E. HANSEN did not receive a lot of orders in the beginning of 2012, but things have improved over the summer. In spite of sound revenue, and the fact that the shipping engineer company’s designs are in demand around the world, the company still has to rethink its business in order to ensure the future.

“Just five years ago, we would not be developing a design without a customer for it. We are doing that now. We are trying to figure out how the market will develop, and we are trying to predict what our customers will need,” says Finn Wollesen Petersen, CEO with KNUD E. HANSEN since 2003.

One guess is the ship design Bangkokmax, planned as a feeder ship with a capacity of approximately 3000 teu. The ship is intended to support the market that will emerge after Maersk’s Triple-E ships start sailing next year. Bangkokmax is not yet in production, though another design is – a small oil recovery ship, which has been built. A third idea involves taxi ships for the offshore market.

“We have to do our best to think correctly, so that we have an inventory ready when the time comes for the companies to make their investments. It’s fairly cheap to build the ships now, which is something we can benefit from,” says Finn Wollesen Petersen.

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