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19 March 2007

Having completed the Basic Design on behalf of the Owner, StenaRoRo, KNUD E. HANSEN was contracted by Lloyd Werft, Bremerhaven, to undertake the Detailed Design package which included all construction drawings required for the installation of the 2200 t midbody section of 29.25 m length.

KNUD E. HANSEN assembled a team of 22 Naval Architects and engineers who worked closely with Lloyd Werft and their subcontractors, BVT and SSW. In addition, KNUD E. HANSEN had employees on site in Bremerhaven throughout the 9 months design and construction phase to ensure smooth cooperationation with Lloyd Werft and its suppliers.

The scope of work included:

  • Structural workshop drawings
  • Nesting information
  • Piping drawings including schematics, isometrics, pipe and pipe support sketches
  • Parts lists
  • Coordination plans
  • Outfittings plans
  • Floating calculations of fore and aft ship including pontoon design
  • Safety plans
  • Final incliming experiment

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