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KICKOFF – Dansk Dana Konsortium (DDK) set up by Naval Architects KNUD E. HANSEN and Odense Maritime Technology are ready to start the design process of the 68-m multidisciplinary research vessel, R/V DANA V.

This vessel will be replacing the aging workhorse R/V DANA IV that is currently serving the Danish Marine Sciences since 1981. The new R/V DANA V will enter service for DTU Aqua in 2027.

Like the R/V DANA IV the new R/V DANA V will be designed for operations in icy waters in both the Baltic and Arctic Seas. The vessel will be classed to Polar Code B, PC 6 as well as, comply with high standards for low level underwater noise during scientific operations.

R/V DANA V will be designed with the operational efficiency of the modern trawler combined with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary science operations capabilities for marine research. This includes efficient fishing gear configuration and several laboratories. Also, the vessel will be designed for drop keel installation with a large hydro-acoustic sensor suite.

On the multi-flex aft deck, a large hydraulic A-frame will be designed for handling various equipment and fishing gear. Smaller cranes will be operating from the side of the vessel, these cranes will handle smaller nets and sampling equipment.

The vessel will have marine research capabilities which include the equipment and installation for fish stock monitoring, hydro-acoustic surveys, biological, chemical and physical oceanography. Additionally, the vessel will be used for ice edge research, geological research, seismic surveys, microbiology, bathymetric surveys, meteorology observation of sea birds and mammals, and a flexdeck for the handling of ROV’s, AUV’s, buoys, anchors and more.

The R/V DANA V will be designed and built for marine and maritime research, as well as, technological innovation with its unique teaching, training and testing facilities onboard.

In the future, Bachelor and Master degree programs at technical universities in Denmark and internationally will be able to benefit from these new opportunities to educate students while the R/V DANA V is en-route via an online connection.

Also, the Dansk DANA Konsortium offers students from the Maritime and Mechanical Engineering degree programs from technical universities the opportunity to join the R/V DANA V design program as ‘on-the-job-training’ at KNUD E. HANSEN (KEH) and Odense Maritime Technology (OMT).

Financing of the R/V DANA V newbuild program are supported by the Danish Government, A.P. Møller Fonden, Orient’s Fond and Den Danske Maritime Fond.

Contracted by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for DTU Aqua, Dansk DANA Konsortium will lead the development of Basic Design as approval in principle (AIP) between April and December 2023. The design will be developed based on the Extended Concept Design and Project Studies executed by KNUD E. HANSEN in 2018-2019 and updated in 2021.

Shipyard tender to be released early 2024 and vessel to be delivered by end of 2026.

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