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18 September 2011

The Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Access Competition aimed to identify and develop new access systems to dramatically improve the availability of turbines and the safety of people during the transfer to turbines.

The competition has shortlisted the following designs in three categories:

  • Vessels for transporting personnel and equipment from bases or mother ships to turbines, incorporating a transfer system.
  • Tranfer systems – To transfer personnel and equipment from vessel to turbine, potentially with motion-compensation.
  • Launch and recovery systems – Systems fitted to the permanent bases or mother ships for launching and recovering daughter craft from the sea.

Wind Bridge


Wind Bridge is a pneumatic-based boarding bridge for access to boat landings on offshore wind turbines from a service vessel featuring an impact absorbing boarding system and dynamic heave compensation. Once contact is made, an automated retention clamp system is activated forming a safe access.

The Wind Bridge will be clamped to the boat landing of the wind turbines foundation resulting in a rigidly connected embarkation point which greatly improves operability in higher sea states.  

The Carbon Trust.

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