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23 December 2015

Article from cruiselifestyle.it

With the Oasis of the Seas the shipbuilding made the most extreme step in terms of naval gigantism for cruise tourism.

This is recent history, the Oasis of the Seas has been delivered only in October 2009 and to date there are no orders for larger cruise ships.

Anyway, the Royal Caribbean’s flagship with her impressive tonnage of over 220,000 tons and a length of 360 metres would have never snatched the title of largest cruise ship ever built if the World City Phoenix project would have been realized.

Those were the early 80s and in that period megaships were not appeared yet. But Knut Kloster, the Norwegian tycoon of cruises, co-founder of Norwegian Caribbean Line, today known as Norwegian Cruise Line, had great futuristic ideas, so in 1983 started to work at the project World City Phoenix.

At that time the largest passenger ship was the Norway, which did not reach 70,000 GRT, while the World City Phoenix aimed for impressive numbers even nowadays. A gross tonnage of 250,000 tons developed in a length of 380 metres and a width of 77, 21 decks, a passenger capacity of 5,200 guests and about 2,600 crew members.

The project aimed anyway to carry out a product of superior characteristics than a conventional cruise ship. Kloster’s dream was to create a veritable cosmopolitan floating city above the sea able to offer fun, culture and work.

Public areas had to be developed on three decks, with a spacious central area set in the hull. The guest accommodations provided were mainly outside cabins, deployed in three towers raising from a main deck hosting a wide range of facilities: bar and cafés, 13 restaurants, 30 shops and boutiques, art galleries, spa and fitness center, 6 pools, a jogging track 800 metres long, a theatre of 2,000 seats, a casino, a place of worship, a library, a museum, a planetarium, studios for artworks, TV and music productions, a university campus, a hospital facility, heliport and a surface of over 8,500 squared metres for meetings, conferences and exhibitions.


  • Conceptual design with several layouts
  • Specification
  • Lightweight calculations
  • Preliminary midships section
  • Structural design
  • Electrical layout
  • Line plans
  • Speed and power prediction
  • Sea keeping analysis
  • Machinery room layout
  • Misc. technical calculations
  • Tank plans
  • Stability calculations


  • Length o.a. approx. 380.00 m
  • Length p.p 345.00 m
  • Breadth max. 77.00 m
  • Draught 10.00 m
  • Gross tonnage 250,000 t
  • No. of passengers 5200 pax
  • No. of crew 1850 pers
  • No. of cabins 2600 pc
  • Service speed 19.0 kn

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Datasheet for the cruise liner World City Phoenix

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