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28 September 2015

42.195 – what does this number represent Finn Wollesen? Is it a new size of customized ship design, kW of energy optimisation savings? The number of emails per year??

Finn Wollesen: “It’s the number of meters run by our team last weekend. We were six runners, defending the colour of KNUD E. HANSEN in the famous Marathon of Medoc in France, which is the longest one in the world.”

Why the longest – a Marathon is a Marathon?

Finn Wollesen: “Well, the twist of this marathon is that besides running, you pass through twenty-two famous “Chateau du Medoc Grand Cru” where you can taste their wines – so depending on the number of wines you taste and how straight you can or can’t run, the distance is variable!”

Must be spectacular?

Stéphan Geslin: “Yes, this is the greatest marathon to do for fun, with almost 10,000 participants from 71 countries.  People run dressed in crazy clothing according to the theme which this year was ‘Dressed to the nines’. The crowd really cheers you on!  It’s like being part of a gigantic running party.  If you want to run your first Marathon, then choose this one!”

Which skills do you need for completing a Marathon?

Finn Wollesen: “The run training part is of course crucial, but what will make you reach the finish line is your commitment and willpower. It is you against yourself, until the last meters. My legs became very heavy and painful from the 30 km mark!”

How did the team perform?

José Manuel Camacho Muñoz: “The team placed 16th out of 38 in the ‘Challenge Enterprise’. An excellent effort and team spirit to support each other up to the end, so that all six team members finished. In KNUD E. HANSEN we like team sports like running and football. It’s very good for our working environment since we have people from a lot of different countries.”

What do you say to your colleagues to motivate them to do this famous event next time?

Stéphane Geslin: “It’s an excellent mental challenge and when you succeed, you are full of good souvenirs – proud to have done it and happy to share the unique moment. Rendez vous at the 2017 Marathon!”

Finished!! We did it!!

Marathon du Medoc, France

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