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21 November 2014

After the release of the Reefer RoRo Ship Design in September last year, we have continued the development of the new Reefer RoRo Ship Design, version II.

The ship is intended for worldwide operation as a Reefer RoRo Ship in the banana trade, with special emphasis on a very low box rate by very fast and efficient cargo handling in port, which enables slow steaming.

The Reefer RoRo Ship and its machinery have been designed in line with the highest environmental standards. 

In order to optimize the cargo handling on the under deck areas, the bridge and the engine have in version II been positioned forward of the ship, and as we found that there is a very large back haul cargo potential to Central America, we have increased the height of the four inside decks to 4.5 m to allow for general RoRo cargo. On the back haul, the ship is hence an ordinary RoRo ship.

With the new refined design, the ship has a capacity of about 12,500 HC pallets – 6,800 HC pallets on cassettes inside the ship and other 5.700 HC pallets in refrigerated containers on the weather deck. The ship can be loaded, resp. discharged in twelve (12) hours. On the back haul, the ship has 4,400 lane meters, equivalent of about 900 – 1,000 cars, but with the new design, general project cargo can be transported as well.

Loading in two ports in Central America and discharging in Antwerp plus one port more, and back haul to Central America, the ship is burning an average of 42 tons HFO per day. The box rate is calculated to 2.50 US per banana carton full liner terms equivalent on a long term charter.

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