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World championship

KNUD E. HANSEN  is sponsor for Manolo, who has written this description of how he came into third place in the World Championship 2021 for Nacra 15:

~ World championship 🥉~

Last week we race for the world championship at La Grande Motte south of France.

We started the championship well by winning the only race of the first day 🤩

We remain consistent during the next two qualifying days and start the finals in third place ⚡

Day four, the wind didn’t come and we didn’t make any races ❌

Last day, we started the day badly with two bad races 😥

We were off the podium and it is thanks to our last 2 races that we climb back to third place with two great races of were we finish 3 and 1 🔥


We finished third in this world championship! 🌎

Very happy with this result after our amazing season!

🥈French championship

🥈European championship

🥉 World championship

A big thanks to Knud E. Hansen to support our team !!!

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