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  • VESSEL TYPE: Cruise Vessel, Super yacht
  • VESSEL Name: 110 m Adventure Wind Cruise Vessel
Scope of work
  • Concept Design
  • Layout of Interior
Project specification

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The 110 m Adventure Wind Cruise Vessel is a sail-assisted cruise vessel that can accommodate up to 100 passengers and has a range of 6,000 nautical miles. This design is aimed at the adventure-cruise market and will appeal to passengers who prefer a more intimate cruise experience while visiting destinations that are inaccessible by larger ships.
The design appeals to the growing eco-tourism segment that aims to travel the world while minimizing their carbon footprint. The combination of low-sulphur diesel and wind power result in a vessel that exceeds the requirements for Emission Control Areas and all forthcoming IMO regulations. The vessel also includes a large battery bank to allow for zero emissions in port as well as specially protected areas.


Length oa 110.30 m
Length pp 99.30 m
Breadth moulded 17.00 m
Depth moulded to deck 3 7.90 m
Scantling draught 4.70 m
Design draught 4.50 m
Deadweight abt 730 t
Sail area abt 1,910 m2
Passenger cabins 50 pcs

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