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  • VESSEL TYPE: Superyachts
Project specification

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In designing for series production; similar surfaces are used to generate the hulls and superstructure for all boats in the range. This not only reduces the amount of moulds (tooling) required,but also guarantees that the range of boats have the same design style.

The hull to be constructed of foam core with epoxy resin and carbon fibre reinforced skins. The hull is constructed with integrated tanks for fresh water, water ballast, diesel oil, lubricating oil, sludge oil, cofferdams and void spaces etc.

Superstructure to be constructed of foam and/or honeycomb cores. Laminated with carbonfibre/kevlar epoxy reinforced skins.

The propulsion arrangement to consist of 2 non reversible diesel engines MTU 4000 series, elastic coupled to 2 reduction gear boxes each driving a waterjet.

Installed power for propulsion to be one of the following:

  • 2 x MTU 12V 4000 M93L Approx 8600 kw installed power.
  • 2 x MTU 16V 4000 M93L Approx 6900 kw installed power.

Construction of the yachts is to be done in a modular fashion. Complete units for cabins are to be provided by a subcontractor and delivered complete with all wiring, ducting and piping.

The majority of components for the structure are to be fabricated from moulds or panels made on vacuum tables, not all necessarily flat. Weather deck, upper decks and superstructure sides should be built on a cambered vacuum table.

All crew facilities are concentrated in a watertight zone immediately forward of the engineroom. This is done to maintain ready access to the engine room without passing through guest areas.

The galley and provision store are located on the lower deck in the same watertight zone as the crew accommodation. The galley is also serving the crew mess room, also located on the lower deck.

Guest accommodation is arranged forward of the crew accommodation utilizing the rest of the lower deck forward of the crew accommodation.



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