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  • VESSEL TYPE: Special purpose and Arctic vessel
  • VESSEL Name: Polar Security Cutter
Scope of work
  • Tender Design
Project specification

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The Polar Security Cutter was designed for Bollinger Shipyard’s tender submission for detailed design and construction of three (3) heavy polar icebreakers for the United States Coast Guard.

The vessels were specified to operate worldwide and to be exposed to extreme environmental conditions found in the Polar, Tropical, and Temperate regions. The vessels may experience ice up to large concentrations of multiyear consolidated pack ice with ridging, air temperatures ranging from -58°C to 46°C, sea water temperatures ranging from -2°C to 31°C, wind speeds that can exceed 87 knots and sea conditions up to sea state 8. Weather extremes are expected to be encountered as the vessels transit tropical and/or temperate zones, and within the intended polar operational areas (Acquisition Directorate, Polar Icebreaker Operational Requirements Document, November 2015).


Length overall, approx. 140.00m
Breadth, moulded 29.00 m
Displacement 24,600 t

Accommodation 186 pers
Extended endurance 90 days
Ice breaking capability 1.80 m

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