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Presenting the majestic Antarctic Flagship, the RSV Nuyina, now flying the Blue Ensign of Australia for the first time. Soon heading downunder to operate out of the Port of Hobart, the gateway to Antarctica.

Operated by SERCO for the Australian Antarctic Division.

Engineered and constructed by DAMEN Naval Shipbuilding

Designed by KNUD E. HANSEN


We salute you, RSV Nuyina.

And wish you fair winds for many years to come on adventurous voyages among emperors, ice and high water.

We can proudly say that we were there to give birth to you standing on the shoulders of the past and the legacy of the close Australian-Danish bonds in polar resupply and scientific research between 1953-1987 on board the J. Lauritzen vessels Kista, Magga, Thala and Nella Dan.

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