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04 September 2015

The spectacular vessel is designed as a luxury expedition cruise vessel for worldwide operation including Arctic and Antarctic regions for itineraries up to 21 days with 300 passengers on-board. The vessel is designed for unrestricted ocean voyages and strengthened for Ice Class 1A service.

The vessel has been developed in order to meet and challenge the increasing interest from the market concerning smaller size vessels for specialised and customised cruising and expeditions. Discussions with Clients revealed such a need with a genuine interest from ship owners to invest further in this growing segment.

As far back as the 1960’s, KNUD E. HANSEN already designed the first vessel specifically for transport of passengers in polar regions; the Lindblad Explorer. More recently, KNUD E. HANSEN designed the polar expedition vessel Fram and two ferries for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, also for sailing in heavy ice conditions.

Mean and clean

The hull is ice strengthened and has a double hull in way of all hull machinery and service spaces. The design integrates state-of-the-art green technologies related to propulsion and hotel services. The ship is specifically designed to operate safely in heavy seas and high winds as well as narrow passages and small ports. There are three main fire zones and the vessel exceeds safe-return-to-port requirements. The vessel has all facilities required to ensure that environmentally sensitive areas remain untainted.

Exceptional views

All public facilities are concentrated on two decks, including an observation lounge with 360 degree views. Above the observation lounge a heli-deck is arranged. A unique feature is the glass aircraft hanger. The ship’s helicopter can be lowered by lift into a fire and explosion proof glass enclosure in the middle of the observation lounge, making for a fascinating showpiece. Passengers can also enjoy stunning panoramas from two Jacuzzis on the top deck, primarily heated by solar energy.

Flexible accommodation

The vessel has 150 standard passenger cabins arranged on three decks and crew accommodation on two lower decks. All passenger cabins have outside views and the cabins on the bridge deck are all with balconies. A number of the standard cabins can, by the newly developed proprietry FlexCabin system, be transformed to suites for special luxurious voyages. For increased passenger comfort active stabiliser fins are also fitted.

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Arctic Expedition Cruise Vessel 300 Pax
  • Vessel type: Arctic vessel
  • Vessel name: 300 Pax Expedition Cruise Vessel
  • Project number: 1588.05
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