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15 February 2013

Article from Søfart

Pacific Orca has a Danish design and has been developed in response to customer requirements for a larger and faster vessel in a rapidly growing market.

Blue Ocean Ships chose KNUD E. HANSEN as the consulting naval architecture company to develop Pacific Orca. It was practical for the small, newly started shipping company to complete the development of the new ship with a partner in Denmark, and KNUD E. HANSEN had already designed a similar ship – MPI Resolution from 2004. During the establishment and concept development phase, Blue Ocean Ships had also been in close contact with the offshore Wind turbine industry to gather customer requirements and needs for the next generation of installation tonnage.


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Wind Turbine Installation vessel
  • Vessel type: offshore vessel
  • Vessel name: Pacific Orca & Pacific Osprey
  • Project number: 07086, 10073
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