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KNUD E. HANSEN has received the award from the Ferry Shipping Summit 2021 for the design of The Grimaldi Green 5th Generation RoRo’s

RORO Ferry of the year 2021

The nine vessels have a length of 238 metres and will be able to transport over 7,800 lane meters of rolling units, equivalent to above 500 trailers.
The design was developed in a fruitful cooperation between the Grimaldi Group, Nanjing Jinling Shipyard and KNUD E. HANSEN.
The vessels are ‘ultra green’ with 600m² of solar panels, large-capacity batteries to achieve zero emissions in port and a peak shaving system. Furthermore, an air lubrication system is included so the ship will ride on a carpet of micro bubbles, hereby reducing the frictional resistance between the hull and the water.

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