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18 February 2013

Bahri receives the first of six new fuel efficient vessel

Bahri (The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia) has announced that it has received its first newly built RoRo Container (RoCon) vessel, the Bahri Abha, designed by KNUD E. HANSEN, and built by Hyundai MIPO of South Korea. This is the first of six sophisticated vessels that Bahri has contracted Hyundai MIPO to build, in order both to replace existing vessels and generally expand its cargo capability.

The new RoCon vessels are designed to carry general and project cargo along with a range of RoRo cargo. 225 metres in length, these vessels are equipped with a loading bridge with a capacity of 250 tonnes and heavy lift cranes with a capacity of 240 tonnes, enabling them to load a wide variety of goods. With a deadweight tonnage of 26,000 tonnes each, these vessels are noteworthy in that while they are smaller than the ships they are replacing, they provide greater cargo lifting capabilities together with lower fuel consumption. It is estimated that these new, lighter weight vessels will consume 45 % less fuel, thereby greatly reducing the associated costs, and will deliver additional cost savings as a result of their efficiency and performance.

Bahri is an internationally renowned shipping conglomerate specialising in the transportation of oil and gas products, chemicals, general cargo and dry bulk. It also services the rapidly growing petroleum, chemical and infrastructure sectors of the Kingdom. The new vessels are costing around USD 70 million each.

At the handover, Bahri CEO, Engr. Saleh Al-Jasser said: “This is an important milestone in Bahri’s history and is directly in line with our comprehensive expansion strategy in the shipping sector. The arrival of these new worldclass vessels confirms Bahri’s commitment to operational excellence and its capability both to provide a highly efficient service and strengthen its position as a leading service provider in the logistics and shipping industry”.

The five vessels, yet to be delivered, are currently under construction with deliveries planned for every three months until March 2014.

Bahri – The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia – har modtaget det første i en serie på seks ConRo skibe, tegnet af det danske skibsingeniørfirma KNUD E. HANSEN og bygget på Hyundai MIPO i Sydkorea.

De seks skibe, der hver har kostet 70 millioner dollar, vil blive leveret med tre måneders mellemrum frem til marts 2014.

Det nye ConRo fartøjer er specialdesignet til at sejle med almindelig fragt, project cargo og adskillige andre former for RoRo last. Fartøjerne er udstyret med loading bridge med en kapacitet på 250 tons og heavy lift kraner med en kapacitet på 240 tons, hvilket gør det muligt at laste flere forskellige typer af gods.

Beregninger viser, at de nye skibe vil have et 45 procent lavere brændstofforbrug end de skibe, de erstatter.

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