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15 August 2016

In preparation for its 80th birthday celebrations next year, Danish Naval Architect firm, KNUD E. HANSEN, has announced its new company logo. The new design – picturing the superstructure of a modern cruise ship within the lines of a traditional Viking longship – combines the company’s modern perspective on the world of ship design with its rich maritime heritage.

“A company’s logo portrays an important message,” comments KNUD E. HANSEN Managing Director Finn Wollesen Petersen. “Our new logo looks forward to our future in the maritime industry while still staying in touch with our Danish roots.”

Changing times

KNUD E. HANSEN was founded in 1937 by a Danish Naval Architect of the same name. The company quickly made a name for itself by providing ship owners with bespoke designs. The idea was a success as it offered made-to-measure solutions at a time when shipyards built vessels mostly from standard templates.

As time passed, the company evolved in response to the world’s changing maritime requirements, Mr Wollesen Petersen goes on to say: “Key moments include rebuilding the Danish Merchant fleet after the Second World War and developing car ferry designs in the 50s and cruise ships in the 60s”.

More recently, KNUD E. HANSEN has expanded its portfolio to encompass a broader range of vessels, which now includes container ships, tankers, offshore support vessels and wind turbine installation vessels. Furthermore, the company’s passion for efficient internal arrangements has made it a key player in the field of RoPax, RoRo and ConRo ships. Currently, the company is once again involved in a number of cruise vessel projects.

“To date we have designed more than 700 vessels, which can be found around all 7 continents. We have also developed and tested more than 450 hull lines and facilitated more than 300 conversion projects.”

Symbols of strength

With this wealth of experience, knowledge and technology at its disposal, KNUD E. HANSEN is capable of handling all aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering contracts. The company is a recipient of multiple Shippax awards – most recently for the ConRo vessel Atlantic Star.

Other contemporary highlights include the conversion of the M/V Spitsbergen into a Premium Explorer Vessel and the design of an icebreaking research ship for the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division. “These are two very exciting projects – symbolizing the strength of the company. The first involved a comprehensive rethink of what an existing vessel can offer its passengers. And the second is truly a forward-thinking design vessel; one that will enable cutting edge marine science research in the toughest Southern Ocean conditions.”

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