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Danish ship designer Knud E. Hansen has signed a contract with Nanjing Jinling Shipyard in China to develop the basic design for three large roll-on/roll-off vessels for Finnlines.

The vessels will be designed to meet the highest Finnish/Swedish ice class, 1A Super, with hybrid battery power that will provide for zero emissions while in port.

The vessels are based on the same hull as the Grimaldi Green 5th Generation vessels, but with customizations to meet Finnlines needs with regard to heavy cargo and operations in cold climates.

The vessels, which are expected to be delivered from 2021, will have a length of 238 meters, a beam of 34 meters. The design is aimed to be flexible for all types of RoRo cargo with a capacity of 5,800 lane meters and more than 5,000 square meterss of vehicle decks.

The vessels will use electricity in port courtesy of large lithium batteries, guaranteeing zero emissions while at berth. The batteries will be recharged during navigation through shaft generators. They will also be equipped with an air lubrication system to reduce hull resistance by using a thin layer of bubbles below the keel.

With 80 years of experience in ship and yacht design, KNUD E. HANSEN employs more than 90 naval architects and marine engineers in Denmark, Australia, Canada, the Faroe Islands, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States.

Article from Gcaptain

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