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01 August 2012

27 July 2012: Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Limited (“SPO”), the parent company of Swire Blue Ocean A/S, today took delivery of Pacific Orca, the world’s largest windfarm installation vessel, from Samsung Heavy Industries.

The vessel will be deployed to provide service for the Danish utility company DONG Energy.

The vessel’s particulars include a length of 161 metres, a breadth of 49 metres and a depth of 10.4 metres.

She will be the world’s largest structure for installing Wind Turbine Generators, with a capacity to carry and install up to 12 units of a 3.6 MW design. Pacific Orca can install offshore wind foundations and WTGs in ocean depths of up to 60 metres, and her special design will enable the installation of the ultra-large WTGs of 10 MW or more that are currently being developed to meet the future needs of the industry.

By fixing her six jack-up legs to the seabed and lifting herself up to 17 metres above the surface of the ocean, Pacific Orca can conduct offshore windfarm installation in a manner least affected by wind and waves, and with maximum accuracy and promptness.

Scope of work by KNUD E. HANSEN for the Pacific Ocra

Conceptual /tender design developed for the owner including:

  • General design and contract specification
  • Lines plan and supervision of towing tank and wind tunnel testing
  • Stability and lightweight calculation
  • Structural design
  • Layout of machinery spaces

Related References

Wind Turbine Installation vessel
  • Vessel type: offshore vessel
  • Vessel name: Pacific Orca & Pacific Osprey
  • Project number: 07086, 10073
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