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10 April 2014

At this week’s 12th Annual Ferry Shipping Conference, sailing on-board Romantika between Stockholm and Riga, Danish Naval Architects, KNUD E. HANSEN, were awarded a 2013 ShipPax Award. The award was presented in recognition of the efficient and innovative design of internal cargo arrangement of the Saudi owned deep sea RoRo vessel, Bahri Abha.

“For a RoRo cargo vessel, the most important design criteria after fuel consumption, is efficient layout as it reduces the time in port,” says KNUD E. HANSEN Senior Naval Architect, Christian Damsgaard. “An efficient layout also increases the flexibility during loading and unloading and reduces damages to the cargo.”

The Bahri Abha is a large capacity RoRo vessel that is optimized for fast and flexible loading and unloading procedures. “Although the vessel has some container capacity, she is specialized in handling all types of cargo,” informs Mr. Damsgaard. “Loading flexibility is therefore important.” The broad range of cargo that the vessel can handle demonstrates this flexibility. “The Bahri Abra can carry all types and sizes of goods,” continues Mr. Damsgaard. “From project and heavy-lift cargo to oil exploration equipment and construction machinery.” The vessel is fully independent with regards to manoeuvring and loading and unloading procedures, doing away with the need for shore cranes or harbour assisting tugs.

What sets this vessel apart from the rest of the Bahri fleet is that she is smaller yet boasts greater cargo lifting capabilities. At present, for its Saudi Arabian Owner, the Bahri Abha and her 5 sister vessels operate a route from Saudi Arabia to the American Eastern seaboard and back again, followed by a return trip to India. The lightweight 225 meter Bahri Abha consumes an estimated 45 % less fuel on this route than the ships they replace, thereby delivering considerable cost savings.

KNUD E. HANSEN provided the Concept and Tender Design and also supported the Owner throughout the construction process. “This was a true tailor-made solution meeting the Owner’s requirements,” says KNUD E. HANSEN Managing Director, Finn Wollesen Petersen. “We are extremely happy to have won this award. I am very proud of the whole KNUD E. HANSEN team.”

About the award

The ShipPax Award was launched in 1999 as a means to stimulate innovative solutions. The organisation aims to promote noteworthy design features on newly delivered ferries, RoRo and Cruise Vessels. What makes the ShipPax Award so unique is that the jury knows the ins and outs of all the ships – it may therefore be considered as the most prestigious trade award in the combined Ferry, RoRo and Cruise Industry.

More about the ShipPax Award.

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