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01 June 2011

Article from OffshoreCenter Danmark.

The newly established company SWORC A/S has signed an agreement with Tuco.

ApS, to begin construction of the first of its special purpose shallow water oil recovery vessels aptly dubbed SWORC (Shallow Water Oil Recovery Catamaran).

The 6m catamaran boasts several unique features enabling it to operate effectively in as little as 35cm of water. The SWORC is transportable by lorry and employs proven oil recovery equipment which is operated by a crew of 2. The working area of the vessel, some 6x3m, provides an ideal platform for undertaking oil recovery operations. Furthermore, the extreme shallow water capability gives the potential to avoid highly expensive and environmentally disastrous contamination of coastal lowlands and other sensitive ecosystems.

The challenging design brief has been realised by the marine architects and independent consultancy company KNUD E. HANSEN.

Visit SWORC.

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