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  • VESSEL TYPE: Special Purpose Vessel
  • VESSEL NAME: 4000 m3 Live Fish Carrier
  • Concept Design
  • Weight Estimation
  • Stability
  • Check System Drawings – Circulation and Fish Handling
  • Electrical load balance
  • 3D Render
Project specification

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The vessel is designed for transport of up to 600 tons live fish. The vessel is also intended service the fish farms on delousing operations with fresh water. Easy access to fish tanks. Large hatch cover to fish handling area for easy installment of future equipment for fish handling.

  • Length o.a 80.00 m
  • Length o.a 80.00 m
  • Length p.p. 77.60 m
  • Breadth moulded 18.60 m
  • Depth to tween deck 7.80 m
  • Depth to main deck 10.80 m
  • Draught, scantling 8.00 m
  • Draught, design 7.80 m
  • Deadweight (max.) 8,000 t
  • Cargo Tanks (Fish tanks 2 x 2,000) 4,000 t
  • Number of single cabins 12 pcs
  • Factory deck area 350 m2
  • Ballast water (Fresh water) ~1400 m3
  • Technical freshwater ~300 m3
  • Fuel ~300 m3
  • Freshwater (Potable) 30 m3
  • Pump capacity 32,000 m3/h

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