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  • VESSEL TYPE: Special Purpose Vessel
  • VESSEL Name: Oil Recovery Vessel / Icebreaker
Scope of work
  • Concept Design
Project specification

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This vessel is designed as a highly flexible Oil Recovery-icebreaker and firefighting
vessel with efficient equipment, high reliability, good sea keeping capabilities and with
high focus on fuel consumption. The vessel is intended for worldwide operations.


Length o.a. abt.79.90 m
Length p.p. 68.00 m
Breadth 17.30 m
Depth 7.50 m
Draught design 4.50 m
Draught max. 6.00 m

Service speed 15 kn

Classification DNV 1A1 ICEBREAKER ICE-10, OILREC, FIFI1, DYNPOS-AUT and ERRV vessel

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