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  • VESSEL TYPE: Container
  • NAME OF THE VESSEL: 2400 TEU Container Vessel
  • Technical assistance to the Owner in connection with contract negotiations
  • Plan approval for the Owner
  • Technical assistance to the Owner during construction
  • Test and trials
Project specification

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The vessel was designed and built for Transportación Marítima Mexicana, Mexico, by Astilleros Españoles in Spain. A total of 4 vessels have been delivered to this design and the first was named M/V Nuevo Leon.

  • Length o.a. (approx.) 202.00 m
  • Length p.p. 191.00 m
  • Breadth moulded 32.20 m
  • Depth 19.40 m
  • Design draught 11.00 m
  • Scantling draught 12.50 m
  • Deadweight at design draught (approx.) 29,256 t
  • Deadweight at scantling draught (approx.) 36,887 t
  • Total capacity (approx.) 2,400 TEU
  • Design speed (90 % MCR and 15 % sea margin) (approx.) 20.00 kn
Diesel propulsion
  • Main engine MAN B&W 7S70MC (196070 kW)
  • Propeller CP-propeller, 7.9 m diameter, 91 rpm
  • Aux. engines 3 x approx. 800 kW at 720 rpm

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