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  • VESSEL TYPE: Expedition Cruise Vessels
  • Vessel name: 50 Passenger Expedtion Cruise Vessel for Galápagos Islands
Scope of work
  • Concept Design including:
  • General arrangement
  • 3D Visualization of the exterior and interior
  • Outline specification
  • Lightweight Calculation
  • Hull lines
  • Speed and power prediction
  • Intact- and damage stability calculations
  • Tonnage Calculation
Project specification

Download specification

The vessel is a 92 m long 50 pax high-end expedition cruise vessel styled like a luxury yacht and specifically designed for Galapagos waters. The vessel features 21 large double cabins, 2 suites and 2 luxury suites – all with private balconies and bathrooms – in the luxury suites with jacuzzies.
A two-stories lounge with 270 degrees vision, wellness center with spa, fitness and relaxation area, dining room with covered outdoor area, large sun decks with infinity pool and an outdoor marina with fold-down diving platform are at the guests’ disposal. 6 zodiacs will bring the guests ashore for expeditions on the islands.
For safety and redundancy the vessel features two independent engine rooms.

Technical data:
  • Length o.a., approx. 92.00 m
  • Length p.p 86.66 m
  • Breadth, moulded 17.00 m
  • Depth to bulkhead deck 6.60 m
  • Draught, scantling 4.80 m
  • Deadweight 750 t
  • Passengers 50 pax
  • Crew and staff 34 pers
  • Cabins for passengers 25 pcs
  • Cabins for crew/staff 22 pcs

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