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Ferry Shipping News Mike Louagie travelled in mid-January 2020 on HOLLANDIA SEAWAYS, from Ghent to Gothenburg and back. She is the third mega freight ferry for DFDS.


In 2016, DFDS signed a contract with the CSC Jinling Shipyard in China, for two large roro vessels. Later on, 2+2 more ships were added to the order.

In February 2020, four ships are in operation:

EPHESUS SEAWAYS on the route Trieste – Istanbul (Pendik)

TROY SEAWAYS on the route Trieste – Istanbul

HOLLANDIA SEAWAYS on Ghent – Gothenburg

HUMBRIA SEAWAYS on Vlaardingen (Rotterdam) – Immingham

Design: Knud E. Hansen
Concept design and the tender design package in 2015/2016OSKShiptech

After the contract between Jinling Shipyard and DFDS Knud E. Hansen updated the tender design to contract design, and made the basic design.


  • EEDI: the ships are the first DFDS-owned vessels built according to the IMO Energy Efficiency Design Index regulations, which set significantly lower limits for energy consumption and emissions in relation to the ship’s capacity and engine power. Overall, they will reduce energy consumption and emissions by more than 25% per transported trailer compared to previous units.
  • Two-stroke propulsion with two MAN eight-cylinder S50ME-C diesels developing 11,800kW a piece, providing direct drive to controllable pitch propellers for a 21-knot service speed.
  • ABB type A270-L turbochargers, offering operating flexibility with high-pressure tuning for part- and low loads and increased efficiency in slow steaming.
  • ABB shaft generator allowing the main engines to operate at a wider, more optimal speed range.
  • Scrubber.
  • Ballast water treatment system.

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