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  • VESSEL TYPE: Offshore Wind Vessel
  • VESSEL Name: Atlas A-Class
Scope of work
  • Concept Design
Project specification

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KNUD E. HANSEN’s Atlas series of wind turbine installation vessels.

The Atlas A-class is able to carry four new-generation 14 megawatt wind turbines and is tailored for cost-effective installation of large-scale wind farms.

The vessel is specifically dimensioned for transporting and assembling wind turbines on top of pre-installed foundations. This is predicated on the idea that growth in the offshore wind sector creates more opportunities for specialized vessels. The foundations, which are heavy but do not require jacking, can be efficiently installed from a heavy-lift vessel. As a result, the Atlas A-class can be entirely optimized for the jacking operation, with a 1600-2500 tons crane and minimal system weight for the jacking equipment.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Atlas series, the A-class design can be highly customized by selecting cranes, thrusters, generators and jacking systems according to the specific requirements of the client, as well as availability from the manufacturers. This offers important competitive advantages over less flexible, off-the-shelf designs.

The powering of the vessel is provided by eight generators connected to a DC grid and a battery pack, allowing the engines to run at variable speed for fuel efficiency while also utilizing  load leveling and peak shaving. The batteries not only provide instant power, avoiding unnecessary spinning reserve power from the generators, but also make it possible to recover approximately 60% of the energy used for jacking, when the jacking units are reversed on the way down. Furthermore, the high-speed electrical rack-and-pinion jacking system  is  designed for 5,000 load cycles, ensuring that the legs and components will withstand wear throughout the life of the vessel, avoiding costly and resource-heavy replacements along the way.

The main deck of the accommodation block includes an operations center consisting of offices and meeting rooms as well as a hospital, day room, TV room, change room, and workshop. Above this is a large galley with spacious mess as well as ample provision rooms.

The three decks above include a total of 114 cabins for contractors, crew and officers. The top deck consists of a bridge with center and wing consoles and a large helicopter deck. Below the main deck is a gymnasium, cinema, TV room, games room, and sauna as well as a laundry room and store rooms.

The ATLAS A-Class has been developed completely in-house, by the experienced staff of naval architects, mechanical engineers and designers at KNUD E. HANSEN who place the  utmost importance on safety, efficiency and design ingenuity and have been doing so for over 85 years.


Length Overall (excluding helideck) 155,40 m
Breadth moulded 57,40 m
Depth to Main Deck 12,50 m
Draught, moulded @ 14,000 t deadweight 6,50 m
Speed @ 6.20 m draught incl. 10% s.m. 12 kts


ATLAS A-CLASS - Wind Turbine Installation Vessel
  • Vessel type: Wind Turbine Installation Vessel
  • Vessel name: Atlas A-Class
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